You can´t play a symphony on your own, it takes an orchestra to play it. 

Who are we?


We are just two musicians passionate for orchestral music who, one day and for whatever reason, abandoned their violin  careers at the conservatory, but keep playing everyday. We are no more or less than that.

A few years ago we, Miriam Carrera and Nahum Canoura , rediscovered our relationship with music thanks to a Community Orchestra based in London. Since then,  we have achieved incredible things for a non-professional musician.

The number of community orchestras that function and give regular concerts throughout the city is overwhelming, and we want to bring  that culture of enjoyment and promotion of classical music to Malaga. 

Miriam Carrera , a professional within the financial industry, is also a violinist at heart. She has performed in more than twenty concerts with amateur orchestras in London and taken part in five opera productions in collaboration with professional opera groups. She has also had the privilege of being Assistant Manager at the London Orchestra Euphonia Orchestra.


Nahum Canoura is a primary school teacher whose passion has always been the violin. Thanks to the existence of community orchestras in London, and alongside with Miriam, he has been performing at a level that only a professional violinist has access.

Miriam Carrera, Nahum Canoura. In the middle,  Nicholas Jenkins (Music Director to the University of Greenwich and Conductor of the University of Greenwich Choir)